Six new character posters for The Dark Knight Rises

Featuring Bane, Bats and Cats

The Dark Knight Rises has stepped its promotional push up a notch this week, following yesterday's official poster with the release of six new character-specific one-sheets.

The new posters profile Batman, Catwoman and Bane, and are split into two distinctive groups. The first three posters show the trio shrouded in darkness, their shapes crumbling slightly at the edges as the rain lashed down around them.

The second set of posters show the three characters staring off into the middle distance, against a midnight blue backdrop reminiscent of the Dark Knightposter. "The legend ends," reads the tagline, ominously.

All six are pretty cool, although we definitely prefer the darker set in terms of atmosphere. The Bane poster is particularly good, with Tom Hardy's face half-obscured by shadow, and looking more menacing than ever.

The Dark Knight Rises
opens in the UK on 20 July 2012. Until then, you can feast your eyes on the full range of posters, below...

Which of the posters do you prefer? Tell us, below...


    • Kellend11

      May 23rd 2012, 9:00

      The bottom three look like a poor attempt, Catwoman's one being the worst

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    • EddieFelson

      May 23rd 2012, 9:07

      Bane is going to F*ck s**t up!! cant wait!!

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    • SiMan

      May 23rd 2012, 13:24

      The first set are awesome. I'm concentrating really hard, trying to make time speed up so that it gets to 20th July quicker, but all i'm doing is making my nose bleed.....bring on the Bat!

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    • Ali1748

      May 23rd 2012, 17:08


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    • TheEnigma

      May 24th 2012, 0:43

      'The Dark Knight Rises" - "The Legend Ends" - "The Dark Knight Rises" - "The Legend Ends" Seems a lil confusing if u ask me...

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    • alexr

      May 25th 2012, 10:24

      Is it just me, or is the Catwoman costume somehow detracting from the posters? Perhaps it's nothing, but I feel like there is too much of her face on show (the mask seems a little bit redundant in hiding her identity), and her photos are too 'soft' focus-wise to fit in with the Batman and Bane sheets. @TheEnigma Try reading it the other way around: "The Legend Ends - The Dark Knight Rises". Somehow, this makes a bit more sense - Batman returning to protect Gotham after his legend is sullied by Bane perhaps...

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