Sly and Arnie star in first poster for Escape Plan

"No one breaks out alone"

Escape Plan, the upcoming action flick formerly known as The Tomb, has released a first official poster online, featuring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger banged up in a futuristic prison.

As is appropriate for a film starring two such grizzled heroes, everything about the new poster screams retro action movie, from the metallic title font to the surname-only cast credits!

The new film will see Stallone play an expert on structural security, who finds himself forced to break out of a prison of his own design after being framed for a crime he didn't commit.

Schwarzenegger plays one of the joint's old lags, a prickly character Stallone will have to buddy up with if he wants to make it out unscathed. Mismatched partnership ahoy!

Directed by Mikael Håfström and co-starring Jim Caviezel, Sam Neill and Vincent D'Onofrio, Escape Plan will open in the US on 18 October 2013, with a UK date to be confirmed.

In the meantime, you can check out the full poster below...

What do you think of the new poster? Tell us, below!


    • chibik

      Jun 10th 2013, 7:30

      I'm looking forward to this.

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    • craigpennock

      Jun 10th 2013, 11:45

      sounds a bit tango and cash. i like it

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    • SiMan

      Jun 10th 2013, 13:15

      Arnie and Sly together in a film a year after their last team up. Why couldn't we get this back in the 80's when they were both in their prime? Do you reckon Rambo would have survived against the predator?

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    • Wolfy82

      Jun 10th 2013, 14:09

      Bring on the old skool lol

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    • Andy85

      Jun 10th 2013, 19:34

      I love the hypocritical excitement of these types of films because you know full well that when the film is actually released Total Film wll be scoring this a 2 star like they did with the Expendables 2. Now I haven't seen this so it may well be dire but I know full well going into it that I am not going to get 2 things 1.) An in depth, ever evolving, sink your teeth into plot and 2.) Award worthy dialogue, all I expect to see in this film is Sly and Arnie f*****g s**t up with some big tag team showdown at the end where they wrap some guys head around their still impressive biceps and you know what, if I do get that then I will personally score it 5/5. Sometimes, I think your critiques need to take a film for what it is and simply enjoy it instead of trying to relate it to what it isn't trying to be. Hey ho only time will tell but I bet my last nickle this is released this a bad review.

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    • chibik

      Jun 10th 2013, 20:45

      I don't understand why people get so worked up over a review. Sure, I disagree with three quarters of the reviews out there, but it's somebody else's opinion... What're you gonna do, change it?

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    • Andy85

      Jun 11th 2013, 20:07

      Granted I do take in both your points but revenue is generated from these opinions. Don't get me wrong I will endeavour to come to my own conclusion but you also have to realise that this magazine generates it's main source of income by providing a professional review and I, like many others are interested about what they have to say when it comes to certain films even though I will decide for myself whether I actually value what they are saying or not. The point that I am trying to make is that when a person is getting paid to provide that opinion do they then lose all sense of fun. We don't expect this to be Citizen Kane, we know full well that it is going to be balls to the wall action with so so acting and nye on 0 plot and that's why we choose to watch it so that we can punch the air when the good guys beat the bad guys. The fact that they are promoting this film when you can almost predict the star rating upon release based on the genre I find to be hypocritical but then again, they have every chance to pove me wrong and secretly... I hope they do ;p

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