Smurfs casting commences

Harris, Cumming and Lopez in line...


As Sony’s cinematic update of cult 1980s cartoon The Smurfs heats up, news of its voice cast is emerging.

Neil Patrick Harris (of How I Met Your Mother, and Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible, below) has signed up to the project, while Variety report that Alan Cumming and George Lopez are in talks to play Gutsy Smurf and Grouchy Smurf.

Meanwhile, pop delight Katy Perry (Russell Brand’s fiancée) has been approached to play Smurfette – pretty much the only female in the village.

Best of all, comedian Jonathan Winters has joined the film as Papa Smurf. Winters also voiced a variety of characters for Hanna-Barbera back in the day.

Directed by Scooby-Doo’s Raja Gosnell, the film’s set for release 29 July, 2011.

Think this'll be a Smurfing good time?

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    • janusD

      Jun 7th 2011, 10:04

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