Spider-Man will return in May 2011

Sony sets a date for the fourth film…

Sony has confirmed what has been rumoured for a while - that Spider-Man 4 will hit cinemas on 6 May 2011, in both regular and Imax flavours.

The studio has been planning to launch the movie there for a while, but the date had been occupied by The First Avenger: Captain America, which has now slipped back to July.

It'll give the wall-crawler the chance to kick off blockbuster season that year, though little is still known about his next outing.

Locked in so far? Sam Raimi behind the camera, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in front of it and Gary Ross writing the latest draft of the script...

[Source: Variety]

Looking forward to more Spider-action? Or is the franchise out of super powers?



    • BooBoo1981

      Sep 18th 2009, 17:49

      Give it up. #1 was great. #2 was great. 3rd sucked.

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    • DainB

      Sep 20th 2009, 21:37

      Yeah, they need to let it go. Spiderman 3 was a snorefest...

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    • MagneticEye84

      Dec 18th 2009, 4:12

      I have never been totally satisfied with Sam Raimi’s treatment of the web slinger. I can’t help myself as I always use my Spiderman comic book collection as a benchmark to measure these movies and Sam Raimi’s version just falls short of being truly amazing and spectacular. I also have never been 100% comfortable with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. While I appreciate their fine acting talents in other films, they just don’t convince me in their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Peter Parker from the comic books is taller, he’s handsome and not as goofy or nerdy looking. Mary Jane is sexier, she’s independent, vivacious and the character exudes a bubbly fun loving personality. I don’t know how many folks here actually read and collect Amazing Spiderman but check out issues 601 – 603. Mary Jane is featured on all three covers. Fantastic artwork and great stories too. I can only hope for a total reboot with a veteran (A list) Director, a fresh brand new cast and a mature treatment of the script and characters.

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