Spike Jonze goes Wild

Well, Kanye West does, but Spike directs him...

With Where The Wild Things Are opening to a pretty ace $32.5million this weekend Stateside, it’s a good time to dip into director Spike Jonze’s even wilder side.

Thank the internet then for the short film he’s made with Kanye West – him of good hip hop and bad awards show etiquette fame.

Called We Were Once A Fairytale, it’s a ten-minute, frankly bizarre yet wholly captivating trawl through a night gone drunk for West at a fancy club.

His song ‘See You In My Nightmares’ plays on the PA and as he obnoxiously sings along, generally being a prat, even hangers on start falling away.

Then he has a bit of sex, cuts himself open, bleeds petals and has a face-to-face with a strange puppet creature.

It’s all oddly emotional and can be found below. 


    • Jaymo

      Oct 20th 2009, 20:41

      s**t...I..er....not sure what to say. I think I need some me time.

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    • ashley.russell

      Oct 21st 2009, 18:39

      absolutely amazing.

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