Stanley Tucci joins Transformers 4

And Michael Bay will use IMAX 3D for "showcase scenes"

Michael Bay has used this year's CinemaCon to drop some tasty morsels regarding Transformers 4, revealing that Stanley Tucci will join the cast and that some of the film will be shot using new IMAX 3D digital cameras.

Tucci becomes the latest confirmed cast member to join Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, and although nothing has been revealed about his character, we've no doubt he'll be an excellent addition to proceedings.

Meanwhile, Bay was also excited to announce that certain sections of the film will be shot using IMAX cameras. But not just any old IMAX cameras. Apparently Bay has got his hands on the new IMAX 3D digital cameras, which are smaller and easier to use than the traditionally unwieldy IMAX technology.

As you might expect, they're hugely expensive and output a huge amount of data, so Bay will only be using them to shoot the most action-tastic sequences. Then again, this is Michael Bay we're talking about, so those scenes probably won't be scarce.

Transformers 4 will be the first film to employ the technology, although Bay will be taking a pass on high frame rate. We'll get to see how the finished article looks when the film opens in the UK on 27 June 2014.

What do you think of Bay's plans? Tell us, below!


    • ronanfox2

      Apr 16th 2013, 10:33

      Jack Reynor

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    • ilikescifi

      Apr 16th 2013, 11:57

      i was kinda looking forward to this at high frame rate, then he could wheel the camera around as much as he wants

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    • MattMaytum

      Apr 16th 2013, 12:28

      @ronanfox2 - Amended!

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    • SiMan

      Apr 16th 2013, 13:00

      You know, this whole 'filming-certain-scenes-in-Imax' thing - i don't doubt that those scenes look spectacular on an IMAX screen (i haven't actually seen anything that was shot in that way to be honest), but watching The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray, i found it a bit distracting when the frame size kept changing every other scene

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 17th 2013, 1:17

      Does Stanley Tuccie ever sleep ? the man seems to have five movie appearences each year.

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    • ilikescifi

      Apr 17th 2013, 12:23

      hi SiMan, I saw Revenge of the Fallen and TDKR at Imax, both did that 'imax format key scene' thing and to be honest i didn't notice it at all in the theatre, it's edited to coincide with scene changes. But i noticed the same thing as you when i saw on blu-ray too. I guess what im saying is that it adds to the experience in a theatre, however distracting it may be on the small screen.

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