Star Trek writer Roberto Orci wants to revive the franchise on TV

He’s taken his ideas to CBS

Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer Roberto Orci just can’t get enough of the sci-fi series – he’s now championing a new Star Trek TV show.

Boldly going where the franchise hasn’t been since Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled in 2005, Orci has met with TV channel CBS to discuss his ideas for a new Star Trek TV series.

Sky News reporter Joe Michalczuk broke the story via Twitter when he announced the following: 

Considering J.J. Abrams’ money-spinning movie revival has quickly made the franchise cool again, it’s no surprise that breathing new life into the franchise’s TV roots is next on the agenda.

And with Abrams' movies taking place in a different continuity to the original series of shows and films, a new series would have plenty of story room to stretch its legs - plus present an opportunity for past Trekkers (Patrick Stewart anybody?) to make cameo appearances.

If a new TV series does go ahead, though, expect Abrams’ involvement to be minimal – not only is he busy with Star Wars: Episode VII, he’s also previously dismissed the idea of a new Trek show...

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Oct 14th 2013, 23:08

      I've always thought a good idea for a TV show set in the Trek universe would be something revolving around the Eugenics Wars. You get Khan as the potential big bad and plenty of opportunities to delve into the world before the Federation.

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    • Securion

      Dec 27th 2013, 13:30

      Make it a new Enterprise, a new cast, set after TNG. Keep the optimism, talk to leading scientists before making the ship and techs. And for Gods sake; Get marines on the ship! What's up with the Captain and/or leading officers leaving the ship all the time? And sending guys in T-shirts with pen-pistols to fight? Seriously? But yea, "Trekkies" will probably bash the new TV serie so hard it will go off air in 5 min anyway... :(

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    • TheRealMcCoy

      Feb 10th 2014, 18:07

      This guy needs to go away from Star Trek....PLEASE?!?! CBS needs to know that THIS fanbase will revile whatever he does - if ONLY because he has no respect for us. It will be a giant waste of their money to back this. Also, you can count on it being a hack job.

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