Star Wars: Episode VII X-Wing style vehicle revealed

JJ Abrams speaks from the set…

Brilliantly, wonderfully, JJ Abrams is using the focus and excitement we all have for the next installment of the Star Wars saga as a force for good (or a Force For Change as he calls it) by creating videos from the set that help raise money for charity via some rather exciting prizes.

Traditionally, JJ has held back information during the making-of period of his movies, so it's really exciting he's using these videos to offer glimpses of the set for fans, with the main purpose of supporting UNICEF.

It's basically the nicest Jedi mind trick we've ever seen.

In the video below you'll get your first proper look at a spaceship from Abrams' incarnation of the Star Wars universe - it looks a lot like a modified X-Wing, albeit one that's been through the (star) wars - and get a chance to win a trip to the set / or a special advance screening for you and your friends.

Oh, there's also a genuinely great laugh out loud moment at the end, featuring a character from the saga a lot of people will recognise, even if JJ doesn't.

Check it out below.

Star Wars: Episode VII is released on 16 December


    • Trickycustomer

      Jul 21st 2014, 14:59

      Isn't that an E wing fighter?

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    • Trickycustomer

      Jul 21st 2014, 15:01

      Great prizes for a very noble cause

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    • Aleric

      Jul 21st 2014, 16:32

      Yes donate to UNICEF so that the UN can keep 90% of it and give the other 10% to dictators who do nothing but kill their own people. UNICEF has been a joke since the 70s and the UN has been abusing and stealing from this fund for decades to fuel their graft and corruption in third world holes.

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    • Flaygor

      Jul 21st 2014, 18:15

      Although most have suggested it's an X Wing I'm pretty sure it's actually a Z95 Headhunter albeit modified.

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