Stellan Skarsgård talks David Fincher's Dragon Tattoo

Director “works hard and fast”

Has Stellan Skarsgård come over a bit Sigmund Freud? It seems the Swedish actor has a touch of the Austrian psychologist about him when it comes to comparing directors. 
“They all have their own ways of working and the more talented the directors are, the more you want to know what their childhood was like really,” the Thor and Avengers star told Superhero Hype. 
“David Fincher said to me when we met, 'This will not be fun, because I sometimes do 40 takes of each set-up'. And I said, 'It better be fun, and I don't mind doing 40 takes, so let's make 40 fun takes'.” 
So was it fun? 
“I really enjoyed it. He's very thorough, but it's not an anal thing,” Skarsgård added.  “You can actually do 40 takes that are 40 versions of a scene, which brings it to life.” 
That being said, seems Fincher might be one to avoid for actors who like hanging out in their trailer. 
“He works hard and fast, which means that you shoot all the time. You don't sit and wait and I like that,” Skarsgård added. 

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens on 26 December 2011.

Can Fincher's attention to detail produce that rare thing: a good Hollywood remake? Tell us if he's working hard and fast enough below! 


    • joker16

      Sep 12th 2011, 1:23

      He did 107 takes of the medicine bag sliding across in the floor in Panic Room. What was wrong with the 1st 106? Only Fincher knows, and that's what makes him a genius. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo = Best Picture 2011

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