Stephen King's It will hit our screens

The clown horror plans to stalk cinemas

Warners has decided that what we all really need is a dose of pure clown evil. So the studio is bringing Stephen King’s It to the big screen.

Originally a miniseries in 1990, the story follows a group of kids banded together in the Losers Club who encounter a creature of pure evil called, simply It.

But the beast’s favourite form is a sadistic clown called Pennywise, who returns to the town every 30 years to prey on the kids. It strikes again when the kids are grown up, and they have to stop it – even though they can’t remember the original fight.

While the book is set in 1958 and 1985, the new script – which will be penned by Dave Kajganich – will take place in the present day.

There’s no word on an casting yet, but surely Tim Curry could be tempted to slip back into his clown suit…

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[Source: THR]

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    • joker16

      Mar 13th 2009, 21:10

      I cant even go into how bad this miniseries was. Incredibly cheesy.

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    • gib1980uk

      Mar 14th 2009, 17:50

      "Originally a miniseries in 1990...."? Surely 'IT' was originally a novel by Stephen King? And yes, the mini-series does seem "cheesy" by modern standards, but scared the hell out of me when a young teenager. The idea of updating the story to the present day sounds like a terrible one. God save us from awful 'updates' of horror classics.

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    • reisbreno

      Mar 15th 2009, 20:45

      The 90s miniseries wasn't a master piece, we can all agree, but it really scared me. Pennywise haunted my dream for years in my childhood!!! I love the book so I hope Warner does a good job.

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