Steve Coogan confirms Alan Partridge movie shoots next year

He's currently scripting the big-screen outing

In a chat with The Playlist, Steve Coogan has confirmed that the long-awaited Alan Partridge movie will shoot next year.

While promoting The Trip, which is screening during the Tribeca Film Festival, Coogan claimed that he was in the midst of writing a big-screen spin-off for his best-loved character.

Speaking about the Partridge movie, Coogan stated: "We left it behind for a while, but we came back to it because we got a few ideas.

"We’re writing it right now, going to shoot it next year. Don’t know who will direct it, but Pete Baynham [Borat] and Armando Iannucci are writing it with me. We’ve already started it."

Alan recently returned for Mid Morning Matters, a series of Fosters-sponsored webisodes that were surprisingly high-quality.

The character was born on the radio and made his first TV appearance on The Day Today. He flew solo in faux-chatshow Knowing Me, Knowing You before coming into his own in I'm Alan Partridge.

As every incarnation has provided endlessly-quotable hilarity, a Partridge movie has been at the top of fans' wishlists since forever.

Looks like we won't have to wait too much longer…

Will Alan Partridge's comedy stylings work on the big screen? Tell us what you think!


    • Punchbowl

      Apr 24th 2011, 14:45

      ...And it will suck. I can quote Partridge at you til the quacking plums come home, but these movies are rarely a good idea. That said, Borat and The Thick Of it both had great ideas so who knows... but Partridge? I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic.

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    • ForbiddenHelmet

      Apr 26th 2011, 17:56

      There is a real danger that they could get it wrong. The great thing about I'm Alan Partridge & MMM is that they happens in a 'small' world. It's all about context. The humour very much sat with the fact that this man had had mediocre success (Knowing Me, Knowing You) with limited talent, but then fell on tougher times. This story can only go one of two ways: * he either hits really, really tough times (in the gutter) and then eventually makes it big; or * his success re-ignites and he finds himself in Hollywood (maybe doing a Jerry Springer type show??), but messes it all up again, eventually finding himself back in Norwich again. Maybe. Let's see. That's what would happen if I were writing it anyway... :)

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    • FBJBoston

      Nov 5th 2011, 9:47

      i'm moist with anticipation!! I think Alan Partridge has been long enough for them to come up with some good ideas that is going to make this movie one of the funniest in a long time!!!!!!!!! go on Coogan AHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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