Steven Spielberg to direct The BFG

He’ll helm a live-action adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic

In an unexpected move, Steven Spielberg has signed up to direct a new version of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book, The BFG.

E.T. screenwriter Melissa Mathison has written the script, meaning expectations will be very high on this one.

The BFG (short for big, friendly giant) previously appeared in an animated British film back in 1989 (which the lumbering dream-catcher voiced by David Jason).

Spielberg’s version is reported to be live-action, although it’s unclear at this early stage whether the BFG will be created with CGI, performance-capture or an old-fashioned human actor and camera trickery. The other key role to cast will be Sophie, the young girl who joins the BFG on an adventure.

A typically idiosyncratic Dahl affair, here's hoping the new film retains the book's inimitable language of snozzcumbers and whizzpoppers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Berg is gearing up for a 2015 start date, meaning that he might have time for a smaller film before then - a Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks may still happen ahead of The BFG.

The BFG is expected to open in 2016.

Do you think The BFG is suitable for a new, live-action treatment? Tell us below…


    • Ali1748

      Apr 26th 2014, 14:56

      At this stage Spielberg could direct a remake of The Room and I would flock to see it. We should cherish Steve while he's still got it, he's going to go down as one of if not the greatest director of all time.

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    • moviemind91

      Apr 26th 2014, 19:30

      If they ever remade 'The Room' then I want them to use the exact same script but have Nicholas Cage playing the lead role.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 26th 2014, 21:01

      LMAO I can totally picture Nic saying " You're tearing me apart Lisa."

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Apr 26th 2014, 22:56

      Perfect pairing of talent and material. I've got fond memories of the animated film, but I think a live-action one could be something to get excited about considering who is writing and directing it. As far as the effects are concerned, I hope they'll go the Lord Of The Rings route and use real actors whose scale is adjusted by CG, rather than having digital giants.

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Apr 26th 2014, 22:58

      Also, more opportunities to hear beautiful John Williams scores in this age of wall to wall dreary Zimmer-lite dirges can only be a good thing. Get cranking them out, Stevie!

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    • apo1978

      Apr 28th 2014, 12:13

      Freaky - I was only mentioning this book to a friend the other day and said a new film version would be welcomed. Has Hollywood bugged my home?

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