Sucker Punch releases its second trailer online

Reality is a prison

Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder’s twisted new action movie Sucker Punch has unveiled a second trailer online.

If you saw the first one, released earlier this year, you’ll already know the flick looks visually arresting and completely bonkers.

Whereas the first trailer concentrated on wacky images and girls getting rough, this new look at the film reveals more of the plot – as well as giving us more of that gloriously-lensed bedlam.

Check it out below…

If that doesn’t get you excited for Sucker Punch, nothing will. Looking every bit the definition of ‘epic’, the film seems to cram in everything plus a few kitchen sinks.

Pathos. Swords. Chicks in riot gear. Dragons. And Scott Glenn spouting lines like: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Can Snyder keep a handle on his nutso images and stop the plot running away from him? We’ll find out when the flick’s released March 2011.

Feeling sucker punched by the trailer? Talk to us below…


    • gonzoBen

      Nov 4th 2010, 8:35

      Is De Niro in this too?

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    • pervertor

      Nov 4th 2010, 11:05

      All that carnage and the girl's make-up still looks perfect... I'm sure 12 year olds will love this film, but it looks sh*t really.

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    • Rosewood09

      Nov 4th 2010, 15:29

      This films looks extremely daft, but utterly awesome at the same time!!

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    • MrMoo

      Nov 4th 2010, 18:31

      I say.... O YES. Can not wait for this.

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    • BruceShark

      Nov 4th 2010, 23:29

      This look like the biggest pile of poo ever. Why they gave this guy the Superman gig i will never know.

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    • jceaser

      Feb 6th 2011, 0:08

      Lovin the visuals in this film

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