Superman lead actress contenders up for unknown role

Lois Lane nowhere to be found

rosamund pike

Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve and Diane Kruger are all on the shortlist for the female lead in Zack Snyder’s new Superman film.

But in echoes of the Spider-Man reboot’s decision to get rid of lead love interest Mary-Jane in favour of Gwen Stacy, none of the above actresses are being considered for the part of Lois Lane.

In fact, nobody is, because it’s not certain that Lane will even appear in the film. Stepping away from the traditional romantic set-up of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Snyder could be attempting to craft a Supes film that’s entirely different from the movies that have gone before.

So who else are this trio of blonde actresses contenting to play? Well, there’s always Lana Lang, who appeared in Superman III (played by Annette O’Toole).

But internet speculation has shone a light on Catherine Grant, a gossip columnist at the Daily Planet. In the comics, she briefly dates Kent but ends their liaison because of his feelings for Lois Lane.

If the lead female does indeed end up being Grant, it would seem that Snyder is looking at the long-term possibilities of a storyline that gradually builds up Kent and Lane’s relationship over a number of movies.

More interestingly, we wonder what ramifications this apparent Supes shake-up will have for the film's central villain.

Will Snyder turf Lex Luthor out in favour of Doomsday? Or General Zod? Seems Bond 23 isn't the only franchise with a revolution on its hands.

Lane? Or lame? Is Lois pivotal to the Superman story? Or would it be okay to replace her? Talk it out below...


    • willow138

      Feb 4th 2011, 13:44

      ok you CANNOT replace Lois Lane. But building up their love story would be an awesome way to go. I thought though that Snyder was going to do an older more mature Superman film which would not really tie in to Lana as she was his high school girlfriend not adult relationship. Cat Grant would be a good way to go however.

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    • willow138

      Feb 4th 2011, 13:46

      And Brainiac would be an interesting one for the villain

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