Ayelet Zurer replaces Julia Ormond in Man Of Steel

Superman's got some mother issues

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is set to replace Julia Ormond in Man Of Steel, playing the role of Lara Lor-Van (aka Superman's mum). 
No explanation has been given for the last-minute casting change but Zurer is expected to begin filming this week. 
She has previously appeared in Dan Brown's religious potboiler Angels & Demons and also played Eric Bana's wife in Steven Spielberg's Munich
This time she'll be cosying up to Russell Crowe, who plays her Kryptonian husband Jor-El. 
While TF would love to crack a joke about how a quick change in a Superman movie usually takes place in a phone booth, we really don't want to dishonour Supes' dead relatives. 
Even if we think Kal-El would probably handle the joke better than a certain orphaned billionaire we know. 

Will this last-minute change make any difference to Zack Snyder's Superman reboot? Or does a Superman film fly or fail based on the man in the tights alone? Tell us below!


    • bistoman

      Sep 27th 2011, 12:00

      Didn't something very similar happen on the first season of "SmallVille"? Cynthia Ettinger was replaced by Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent.

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    • liamio2802

      Sep 27th 2011, 14:07

      Yes Bistoman you are right dunno if Julia Ormond had done any filming though these are the smallville scenes with Cynthia Ettinger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8dFQacmwV4

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    • FBALee

      Sep 29th 2011, 4:14

      I love Julia Ormond, but since the role will almost undoubtedly comprise of only about 1-2 brief scenes, I'm just going to shrug at this bit of casting news.

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