Superman: Man of Steel plot synopsis leaked online

What will Zack Snyder's Clark Kent be getting up to?

Zack Snyder and project 'Godfather' Christopher Nolan have remained frustratingly tight-lipped when it comes to Superman: Man of Steel's plot details.

Now, Bleeding Cool (via Collider) have found a synopsis that's doing the rounds, and if true, gives a tantalising taster of how Snyder and Nolan plan to make Supes 'relevant'.

The synopsis runs as follows: "A young reporter named Clark Kent roams the world covering various news stories.

"When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, he returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be."

As Collider points out, this is in keeping with plot details that were linked to casting calls. That breakdown read: "The plot involves Clark getting involved in some sort of battle between two tribes in West Africa.

"When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, Clark returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be."

While there's still no guarantee of authenticity, Baseline apparently have a strong track record with this kind of thing.

Having Clark roaming the world would at least make for a unique take on the origin story, as his time in Smallville has certainly been done to death (not least in the TV show of the same name).

It'll also be fun to see Superman helping out on a global scale, though we can't glean from the synopsis how much of the movie he'll spend travelling.

Surely this plot is going to draw comparisons to Batman Begins, which can't be a bad thing, right?

Do you like the sound of this leaked synopsis? Or are you hoping that it's inaccurate? Talk to us below...


    • Chase84

      Apr 18th 2011, 8:26

      The last reboot of superman in comic form was called superman: birthright which started with Clark in africa helping tribes then he finds about his origins and fights Zod at the end. So maybe that original idea after all?

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    • mattburgess

      Apr 18th 2011, 9:16

      Yeah, I've read Superman: Birthright, and this sounds exactly like that. Starts off traveling the world, uses his powers in Africa, travels back to smallville to learn about his origins, applies for a job at the Daily Planet, and makes an enemy of Lex Luthor, although Zod isn't in it. Either they have *completely* ripped the story from Mark Waid (a story which was debunked by DC the as a canonical origin), or this isn't really the plot of the movie.

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 18th 2011, 11:11

      At the risk of being 'flamed', I have never understood the appeal of Superman. He seems to be least fun superhero around, doesnt seem to have any hidden depths, is indestructable and people around him are too stupid to recognise him with glasses, even kryptonite makes him feel a bit 'hungover'. But I will still watch this because I am fan of comics and Nolans seal of approve (much like Bryan Singers) is always a good sign.

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    • SiMan

      Apr 18th 2011, 14:17

      All i can say is i hope they do adapt 'Birthright' into this new movie - its the best origins story of Supes i've seen. I'm just not sure i like Zack Snyder directing though, especiallyl after watching Sucker Punch. I'm sure he'll come up with loads of amazing slow motion shots and fights scenes, but they'll have no depth to them. I just hope it doesn't look too 'CGI'd' and he sticks with nolan's approach to giving special effects a realism, a-la Inception.

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    • willow138

      Apr 18th 2011, 15:29

      i agree with SiMan . i really hope he gives the fx a realistic vibe. im a huge supes fan and i love birthright as the origins story. just hope snyder does it justice.

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    • flashfanatic1

      Apr 18th 2011, 15:31

      I'll be interested when it comes to a discussion between them about 3D as we all know Nolan's not a fan.

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    • BruceShark

      Apr 29th 2011, 3:06

      Have to agree with Hadouken. Just do not get the Superman thing. To me he's just a very boring one dimensional character. Most comic book heroes have some deep seated issue. But with him there's nothing. There's no sense of threat with him aswell, seeing that he's pretty much invincible. You always know Kryptonite will be brought out at some point but he'll get away from it in the end. It's boring.

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    • MeanMachine

      Jul 23rd 2011, 20:13

      Where does one start with their problems with this movie, oh that's right Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and ugly Amy Adams as Lois Lane. I do not know what Warner Bros were thinking when they cast this movie and why Brandon Routh was not brought back or Tom Welling given the opportunity to do this along side Erica Durance as Lois Lane. I know I am not along here with these opinions, you only have to search they Net to see how p****d everyone is that Warner Bros has cast the wrong people. I just hope for their sakes that the storyline is awesome because the real fans are having a hard time accepting the bad casting decisions.

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