Takashi Miike adapting video game Phoenix Wright?

Is currently shooting a court drama

13 assassins

Audition and 13 Assassins director Takashi Miike has revealed that he’s currently shooting a court drama based on a Nintendo DS game.

Though he doesn’t explicitly name the game, online dot-connectors are saying that it could be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

“It is a very light comedy that I am filming now,” Miike told The Huffington Post, “a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS.”

Miike wouldn’t be drawn on the project’s name, but the fact that it’s light-hearted and based in a courtroom strongly hints that it could be Phoenix Wright that he’s making.

Which would be a real departure for the director, whose last film - 13 Assassins - was a historical drama filled with ravishing images and brilliant bust-ups.

Even if it turns out that Miike isn’t adapting Wright, it’s at least interesting to learn that he’s working on a court drama. Wonder how many swords will be involved this time.

Wright? Or wrong? What do you think Miike is currently working on? Chuck us your ideas below...


    • Frankie88

      May 24th 2011, 22:00

      Phoenix Wright is one of my favorite games ever - it's funny, charming with great cast of characters, animation, artwork and score (cannot wait for Prof. Layton crossover). It is also one of the games I thought would never get adapted as a movie, at least not live-action. But I'm realyy interested in seeing it, because it's made by Japanese director for their audience and wont get hacked like it would if it was made in Hollywood

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