Tarantino keen to make a Western

Basterds director wants to go wild...


While Quentin Tarantino basks in the glow of his Oscar nominations for Inglourious Basterds, he has talked about where he’d like to go next.

He’s already forged his own spins on grindhouse, gangster and anime, what next? Well, how about the Wild West?

Talking with the New York Daily News, the director said:

“I'd like to do a Western. But rather than set it in Texas, have it in slavery times. With that subject that everybody is afraid to deal with. Let's shine that light on ourselves.

“You could do a ponderous history lesson of slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad. Or you could make a movie that would be exciting.

“Do it as an adventure. A spaghetti Western that takes place during that time. And I would call it a 'Southern'.”

Typically outlandish stuff from the man who refuses to let himself be constricted by genre. So could we be seeing a dusty ‘Southern’ from the maverick filmmaker? Sounds pretty cool, so here’s hoping.

In the mean time, we expect the director is chewing his nails in anticipation of the 82nd Academy Awards, for which Inglourious Basterds received eight nominations...

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    • reviwer

      Feb 15th 2010, 9:05

      Good luck in the Oscars for Tarantino. Inglorious b*****ds deserves all its credit. Great film.

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    • mrbobrubberrat

      Feb 16th 2010, 6:57

      Oh dear god i thought he had just stopped his feud with Spike Lee. I suppose he could get samuel (mother f**cking) Jackson back. Please Quentin rethink

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    • alexr

      Feb 19th 2010, 11:28

      Perhaps, given the criticism he has received from 'certain acclaimed directors' regarding his 'questionable useage of racial epithets', our Quentin might consider a small collaboration with Mr Lee and try to heal the rift by having Mr Lee direct an important scene in the movie??? Rodriguez allowed Tarantino to direct a scene in Sin City to show him the benefits of filming with Digital Camera technology. I have absolutely no idea if this worked, but perhaps Tarantino and Lee could come together to tell this story with the neccessary empathy and honesty that it would require. After all, whites people are responsible for some of the most barbaric and vicious forms of slavery this world has ever seen and Tarantino seems to want to 'shine the light' on it himself. Rather than run the risk of irritating Spike Lee, why not ask for his input and offer an olive branch. Cooperation is the future, after all.

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    • smsutton

      Feb 21st 2010, 4:05

      this is the one genre we've all been waiting for him to tackle. he has great knowledge and appreciation of it, so i think it's about time he makes a western. westerns need a comeback and he's the perfect guy to do that.

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