Taylor Kitsch boards Battleship movie

Plays officer in aliens v humans board game adap...


Director Peter Berg has enlisted Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch to play the lead in his movie adap of the board game Battleship.

Yep, as Sir Ridley Scott ponders his Monopoly board and how to spin that into a cinematic experience, Berg (below) really is going ahead with a Battleship flick.

It will be a “massive Naval adventure” that takes place in the sea, sky and on land as Earth struggles against the attack of a “superior force”.

That superior force isn’t a giant hand reaching out of the heavens to move battleships around. Apparently it’s aliens known as The Regents, who want to use the ocean as a power source. Which the navy aren’t happy about one bit.

Kitsch will play Alex Hopper, a Commanding Officer whose team of five shipmates includes a Japanese commander and an engineer. We’re not sure if this was the part that was originally offered to Jeremy Hurt Locker Renner, whose busy schedule force him to decline.

Berg obviously knows Kitsch from FNL. And, we gotta say, we’re impressed with the crazy plotline they’ve rustled up for the movie. Especially considering the game consists of just eradicating the opposition’s ships on a board game.

Really, it’s a barmy-brilliant plot befitting of a film that’s based on a board game. Fingers crossed Berg can pull it off.

Who’s up for a Hungry Hippos film next?

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    • DanielMcA

      Apr 12th 2010, 23:07

      It's not entirely unexpected bearing in mind that most Hollywood Studios consider their key demographic to be: male, 11-14. That said, it is a tad out of date for the playstation generation. Film studios are desperate to appeal to this group but the people who green light this s**t are misanthropic, middle-aged pish buckets who have no idea what young men want. Perhaps we should enlighten them. It's not too dissimilar from previous generations' aspirations at that age: frequent inebriation, a laugh with your mates and a quick tug from that girl who hangs around HMV with her friends. Oh, and to play Yahtzee all night. Just kidding, I mean't Battleships of course!

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