Team Jacob alert: New 'transformation' clip online

See the strapping teen pin-up wolf-out


Yesterday added a new word to our Twilight lexicon - 'Twi-tastic' - and now we have a reason to use it.

Arriving on the internet today is one of the first clips to be released in the run up to New Moon, and gives us an expanded look at the transformation scene glimpsed in the trailer.

Benefitting from a couple of extra months post-production, the CGI is now much better than the August promo, and with a few weeks left unitl release expect there to be yet more tweaks in the final print.

So there you go, that should whet your twi-ppetite, and leave all the twi-hards out there completely twi-lerious.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is released 20 November, watch this space for more clips as they twi-rrive.

Wolf-out or wolf-off? Let us know your opinion!



    • thedarkknight

      Oct 21st 2009, 20:47

      Does anybody else give a s**t about this film? TotalFilm, you may be surprised to hear that there aren't as many 12 year old girls hitting this website as you think. Give us some real movie news.

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    • fuzzcaminski

      Oct 21st 2009, 22:36

      Big wolves! they turn in to big wolves, not a bipedal wolfman, or a stylized wolf, or a man which fur, not even a f*****g dog with a george bush mask on it's head (which would certainly scare me). Just big wolves, in cg too! Couldn't they just get live wolves and use digital trickery to make them appear larger?! Man i was actually hoping after having to sit through twilight with my girlfriend that this one might actually have some good ol' licans in it, but no, big friggin' wolves. Sad Face

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