Terminator Salvation game on Twitter

Sony takes viral marketing a step too far…

We’re all for a bit of viral marketing but some things work and some things just don’t.

The Joker sending a bunch of fanboys racing round their hometown following clues to find a bunch of bowling balls, that works.

As for John Connor and his resistance fighters using a microblogging service to update other resistance fighters – including you if you sign up – via a bit of relatively easy to understand code…

Well, let’s just say that if that happened in the real Terminator world, John and his chums would have T100s pointing gatling guns at their positions faster than you can say ‘Er, you have to use computers to sign on to Twitter.’

Still, it might not make much sense, but the official blurb makes it sound like fun.

“Players earn points through timely assistance in decoding these messages and, with these points, rise in rank within the Resistance Army.

Players must constantly be on guard against the machines, which periodically and randomly choose a number of players and penalize them a percentage of their points. A companion blog augments the information within Twitter and hosts a leader board for the game.”

If you’re interested, sign up for the Resistance here. And while you're there, we reckon you should follow Total Film on Twitter too, as we love it. 

Does a Terminator Twitter (Twitternator?) game interest you? Tell us below!

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