The A-Team has a classic cameo

Dwight "original Murdock" Schultz will appear…

The minute the new A-Team film became an actual, shooting reality, we were sort of hoping this would happen - one of the original cast has a cameo!

The "one" in question is Dwight Schultz, who has been up in Vancouver shooting a small role in the film according to his official fan site.

And he seems impressed with the man who has taken over his iconic role - District 9's Sharlto Copley.

Glowing with praise, Schultz calls him "brilliant beyond words," and after getting a look at the man's screen test, he's convinced that "Murdock will be better than ever!"

Which is kind of sweet and classy for someone so identified with the role to say. Now maybe they can convince Mr T and even Dirk Benedict to stop by.

Though given how angrily he reacted when he learned the new Battlestar Galactica had cast a woman in his old Starbuck, we almost want them to tell him Jessica Biel is face, just to see how he reacts…

[Source Dwight Schultz Fansite, via Cinematical]

Pleased with the cameo news? Do you want Mr T in it as well?


    • yosarian25

      Nov 11th 2009, 20:41

      Wow, that was really gracious of him.

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    • welshwizard69

      Nov 11th 2009, 21:40

      Yes MR T should hand over the van to the new a team that would be a good scene for a film

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    • herosthroe

      Jan 28th 2010, 13:58

      I think Mr T should have played BA full stop- the guy still looks exactly the same as he did in the series...!

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