The Addams Family still alive

Stop-motion flick is in pre-production

The Addams Family

Tim Burton has long been linked with a stop-motion version of The Addams Family, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

Today, though, word comes that the animated flick is still very much alive, and Tim Burton remains a dream choice for director for those involved.

Christopher Meledandri, the film’s producer, had a chat with Coming Soon during the Despicable Me junket, and confirmed that an animated version of Charles Addams’ comics is still in the works.

"It's all very, very early, but we are developing with [Tim Burton directing] in mind," Meledandri said, "We're just now at the story phase. Stuff has been written as though we are doing it in black and white, but that's not correct. It's not incorrect, but it's not correct. We haven't gotten to that point."

The producer added that the project will favour stop-motion over computer animation, while the storyline will be based on Addams’ New Yorker comic strips rather than the TV series or films that followed.

Now all we need is for Burton – surely made for this sort of film – to sign on and we’ll be happy little finger-clickers...

Source: [Coming Soon]

Ready for a stop-motion Addams Family? Who do you want to direct?

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    • coulterscandy

      Jun 29th 2010, 7:10

      Personally I'd prefer Henry Selick to be involved, he's the real stop motion genius, but Tim Burton is a good fit.

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    • Ozweego

      Jun 29th 2010, 15:19

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Adams Family?!?!?! Really??? Is there not an original idea left in Hollywood???

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