The Bride Of Frankenstein may live again

Universal is planning a remake…

Universal wants to resurrect another of its classic monsters – the Bride Of Frankenstein.

The studio, alongside production company Imagine, is negotiating with The Illusionist’s co-writer/director Neil Burger to tackle a remake of James Whale’s horror tale.

If he makes a deal, Burger and writing partner Dick Wittenborn would likely rework the original film’s story, which saw the monster beg Dr F to create him a mate.

Sadly for our favourite walking dead thing, she rejects him at the end. Tch… girls.

Bride has been almost as difficult – it’s been in development for a whole now, with American Splendor duo Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini most recently attached to write a contemporary update about a girl dying and being brought back.

It remains to be seen if the film will be struck by the arcing bolts of greenlight power this time – but chances are the studio may wait to see how The Wolf Man performs this year.

[Source: Risky Biz Blog]

Want to see The Bride return? Who should play her? Speak!



    • weirdr0b0t

      Jun 17th 2009, 12:11

      how awesome would it be to have Scarlett Johannson playing the bride of frankenstein!!

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    • weirdr0b0t

      Jun 17th 2009, 12:11

      how awesome would it be if it was Scarlett Johannson playing the Bride of Frankenstein

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    • Law818

      Jun 17th 2009, 14:59

      This may turn out to be a half decent film , but c'mon... there's been wayyyyy too many remakes in Hollywood lately! I found a funny video about the subject:

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