The Dark Knight Rises Bane prologue plot revealed

Bane's introduction has been leaked…

We've known for a while that the Dark Knight Rises IMAX only prologue will introduce us to Tom Hardy's Bane, much like the Dark Knight IMAX only prologue gave us our first proper gawp at Heath Ledger's Joker.
And, as it turns out, both Bat-villains are destined to debut during a high-concept heist. 
According to a Metro source, Bane and his cronies will hijack a plane to assassinate a despot dictator. 
According to the source:
"Bane and his mercenaries hijack a military plane transporting a dictator of a country which is in unrest (think Saddam Hussein type figure). 
'He successfully kills the leader, but makes some mistakes along the way and is unable to safely land the plane. 
'Because of the resulting injuries from the accident, he has to undergo complicated surgeries and that is how he winds up with that scar down his neck and the need for the mask to numb the pain.' 
The source goes on to describe Bane's origin story as reimagined by Nolan. 
"'He is raised by Ra’s al Ghul [Bruce Wayne's old mentor] and his up bringing mirrors that of Bruce Wayne.
'It’s a mirror of Bruce, except it’s darker and twisted. Bane is trained to be an assassin for the League of Shadows. 
'He kills political figures that are deemed unfit by the LOS. So he is a bit of a Che Guevara/ Jason Bourne type character.' 
Bane is described as a 'revolutionary and an assassin' who is hellbent on starting his own uprising."
Which certainly sounds like a Nolan-esque rework of the comic-book mythology.
And it isn't long before we find out the truth. The Bane prologue will debut in IMAX cinemas, attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol next month. 


 Sound good? Or do you think Nolan has something else up his sleeve? Tell us below!


    • FBLTorres

      Nov 29th 2011, 17:37

      Bane+KGBeast kind?...mmmm

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    • clownprinceofcrime

      Nov 29th 2011, 19:31

      It will be cool, but I still think the proper origin story of growing up in prison in santa prisca would've been good. showing fighting his way to being the top dog and then being test subject for "venom".

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    • demmike

      Nov 29th 2011, 20:22

      Batman brought all these freaks upon the city, himself. Ironic.

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    • FBMBurgess

      Nov 30th 2011, 0:54

      This seems so far removed from who/what Bane is, they might have well just given him a new name and claimed him as a new villain.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Nov 30th 2011, 9:27

      Nolan's take on the whole prologue thing is his own vision.. he didn't show the origin of the Joker and that worked out pretty well. This is the end of his trilogy and I personally can't wait to see how it turns out... no matter how different it is to the original 1875 comic that Bane appeared in... or whatever

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    • StevePotter

      Dec 1st 2011, 5:51

      You know who else was far removed from who Bane is? Joel Schumacher's Bane. I say we consider ourselves lucky.

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