The Dark Knight Rises releases two more TV spots: watch now

Just three more days to go…

The Dark Knight Rises has released a pair of new TV spots designed to capitalise on the fact that the first official reviews have begun to appear in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

As such, both spots are punctuated by a string of superlatives from various publications, which describe this final slice of Batman lore as "epic", "brilliant" and "incredible", among other things.

If you want to know what we thought of the film, you can check out our official Dark Knight Rises review online, before taking a gander at the new spots, below. You'll be pleased to know that we weren't disappointed…

Take a look at the new spots below…

These final two don't contain much in the way of new footage, but in terms of anticipation-building, repeatedly drumming home the fact that the film is only a matter of days away is a pretty effective technique!

The Dark Knight Rises opens its doors to the general public on Friday, posing the inevitable question: what the hell are we going to talk about, come Monday?

Have you got your tickets for Friday yet? Tell us, below!

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