The Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street

Batman vs bankers, anyone?

According to production sources, The Dark Knight Rises will include footage from the Occupy Wall Street protests.
We're not entirely sure what the anti-capitalist movement has to do with a 250 million dollar movie featuring a billionaire who spends his spare time beating up poor people (and supervillains), but we're sure it'll be very exciting. 
Christopher Nolan's crew arrives in New York on Oct. 29 to film. They've filed for permits under code name Magnus Rex in the area the protests are taking place. 
A casting call has gone out asking for actors with "military and / or law enforcement training / experience, weapons training, and / or martial arts training." 
So, yeah, the protesters had probably better be polite to their new pals.
We're secretly hoping that Nolan's written in a scene in which Batman throws batarangs to knock the champagne glasses out of the hands of the bankers who've been pictured gloating high above the protests.
But that's probably fairly unlikely. 

 Do you think Bruce sympathises with the protesters? Tell us below!


    • FBGRedmond

      Oct 18th 2011, 15:51

      Perhaps Christopher Nolan plans on utilizing the occupy wall street crowd for the film, that would be pretty awesome. and it might work out pretty well.

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    • dregstudios

      Oct 18th 2011, 19:56

      We live in a country no longer represented by the people but by the interests of major corporations and the money they use through lobbying to pay off our elected officials. These politicians no longer voice the opinion of the voters who put them in office but instead speak for the special interests which pay them more and more money to turn a blind eye to the destruction of our environment and the extinction of the middle class. Can Batman bring some needed attention to the problems we face? Visit my artist’s blog at to see my art for the movement and also see videos of the protests and police brutality as well as get other sources for coverage of the movement.

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