The Divide trailer explodes online

Post apocalypse in a tower block basement

The apocalypse is a great source for dramatic material. But the post-apocalypse is like the after party to the end of the world and TF wants in! 
Luckily the theatrical trailer for The Divide has now appeared online and we've got our wish. 
When what looks like nuclear destruction comes to an unnamed American city, the occupants of a building are forced into a basement where their real struggle for survival begins. 
Sounds like a plot that follows the same writing lessons as Reservoir Dogs - set the majority of your film in a single location that's cheap to film in. 
Expect plenty of bloodshed based on this trailer. As the tagline says, "The lucky ones died in the blast."

Fancy hanging out with Michael Biehn in this basement? Or would you rather take your chances in the nuclear desert? Tell us below! 


    • shasmo

      Oct 11th 2011, 23:15

      looks good

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 12th 2011, 0:36

      They should elect an Overseer and be done with it!

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    • gambit21

      Oct 12th 2011, 9:36

      Saw this at Edinburgh International Film Festival in June. Its really brutal and violent and pretty hard to watch for a lot of the time. Some interesting parts but fairly poor production value - maybe they have polished it since EIFF though. A good film festival film - don't think it will do well on release though.

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    • Siban1982

      Oct 12th 2011, 10:41

      Looks pretty good. Seems like everyone dies regardless in the end by getting shot by some gas mask suited marine type people but I might be wrong.

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    • moviebuff333

      Oct 12th 2011, 14:10

      What is the music that plays at 1:07? I like it. Anyway, this movie looks awesome!

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    • alexr

      Oct 17th 2011, 16:58

      @Hadouken76 LMFAO - too right! But then one of them will have a child and that child will grow up, pass an exam, and beat the overseer to death with a police baton...wait...what do you mean thats not how the game is supposed to be played...?

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