The Final Destination trailer online

Death’s stalking again…

The first trailer for The Final Destination – the fourth in the death-stalks-teens-who-escape-it horror series – is online and you can see it here.

This time around, the deadly venue sees the main characters enjoying a car race, until Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a premonition that the stands will collapse.

Dragging his friends away, Nick cheats death – but, as usual, it has a way of coming after everyone…

David R Ellis (who directed the second movie in the series) is back behind the camera for this one, which promises yet more gory action.

Check it out for yourself, then tell us what you thought.



    • Desperation

      Jun 5th 2009, 13:48

      Looking forward to this. The film itself will undoubtably be awful, but all the crazy sick deaths in 3D will be really cool.

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    • durden

      Jun 5th 2009, 14:09

      this looks's just more of the same...guy sees future,guy and his friends die gruesome deaths...LAME!

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    • CUrraNT

      Jun 6th 2009, 7:53

      If I go see this I swear I'm going to take an inflatable dohnut and throw it around, just to highten the experiance for the 3-D movie goers.

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    • mattburgess

      Jun 6th 2009, 11:10

      Um... why bother going to see it? We just saw how *ALL* of them die!! Final Destination has never (I don't think) touched on a pretty key point - if "death" believes they are all meant to die, why does one of them get visions in the first place?? Is it God thinking they don't deserve to die? Also, can we get a little variety please? E.g, they ALL have visions of each other dying, but its always completely different? How do you escape death if seven people have 'seen' you die seven different ways?

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    • zulfiqar

      Jun 6th 2009, 11:40

      diz is da s**t...why is it dat death has to be brutal ...cant one jus die peacefully in sleep..:-) or has it somethin to do with how people live!!

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