The Flash set to be “three movies in one”

Draws on comics, sports flicks and Seven

The Flash

Superhero flick The Flash is currently being set up over at Warner Bros, and co-writer Marc Guggenheim has just brought us up to speed with some awesome-sounding hints about what we should expect.

Apparently the film version of the fleet-footed hero will draw on various eras of the comic, with Barry Allen's Silver Age stories, and Mark Waid’s writing on the philosophy of speed and running “a big influence”.

Not only that, but the movie is going to be a hybrid of filmic influences, with Guggenheim tagging it “three movies in one”.

He explains: “It’s part thriller - that forensic, cool, Seven, Silence Of The Lambs - part superhero movie, and part sports movie because there’s an athleticism to this character that other superheroes don’t have…

“And you get to see how all three of those elements inform each other and make the whole movie even better. We’re combining the superhero movie with these other two genres and it’s just a blast.”

So there you have it. The Flash: three movies in one. Sounds like a bargain to us.

Excited for the Flash adap?Or just gonna run with it? Talk below...


    • doctorhas9

      Oct 28th 2010, 13:14

      one of my favorite superhero characters and i've been looking forward to seeing what they do with this film for agggeessss... quite excited about the possibility of having a 3 in 1 film, but i just hope its not done as something like what spiderman 3 ended up being, because lets face it, that was beyond c**p!

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    • gusdesilva

      Oct 30th 2010, 18:25

      Waited soooo long for this one. Ive had to make do with vhs kept copies of the dire 90s tv show on sky. outfit and fx were good but characters were awful. glad barry allen is the flash but im sure total film said in an earlier preview that it would be wally west

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