The Flock attacks Hollywood

Ready for giant predatory birds vs humans?

Transformers producer Don Murphy has snagged the rights to what he thinks might make a high-concept summer actioner: The Flock.

It’s based on James Robert Smith’s book, which finds a group of highly intelligent prehistoric birds who go on the warpath after years in hiding when developers try to build a Walt Disney-style park and “perfect” town on their land.

It’s got quite a story – and quite a journey too: Murphy discovered the book when he found Smith criticising the movie of From Hell on artist Eddie Campbell’s blog.

Murphy – a straight talking yet easily angered type – found out that Smith had written the book, ordered it intending the trash it and then, to his surprise, loved it.

It's since become a graphic novel, and now looks like it'll end up as a big-screen version of something you'd see on Primeval (aside from the, er, Primeval film, if that gets made).

He’s teaming up with fellow producer and ER/West Wing show runner John Wells (who has been busy directing his first film, The Company Men) to get the film up and running.

So the moral of the story is, kids: Your Comments Can Land You A Film Deal.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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    • TheTingler

      Jul 13th 2009, 10:46

      I hate From Hell too! Read my book and make it into a film please!

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    • TheTingler

      Jul 13th 2009, 10:48

      Actually, saying that... maybe he hates this guy so much he's just PRETENDING to love the book so he can make it into a really terrible film! Then he'll make a scathing latin song with the help of Tito Puente!

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