The FrightFest Awards!

Total Film hands out gongs for the best of the fest...

Five days and 37 movies later, FrightFest 2011 is over.

The line-up this year was solid-to-strong, with a marked decrease in torture porn movies and an injection of fun thanks to movies like Final Destination 5, Saint, Fright Night, Troll Hunter and Deadheads.

As ever, FrightFest brought us all the genre’s staples – vampires, zombies, serial killers, rednecks, ghosts, the Grim Reaper, Satanism, paganism, imaginary friends/fiends – from around the globe, but some of the best films (Kill List, The Woman)  took unexpected turns and came at established themes from unusual angles to surprise and brutalise.

So, here is Total Film’s annual awards, celebrating the best (and worst) of the fest.

Best Film
1. Kill List (Ben Wheatley)
2. The Innkeepers (Ti West)
3. The Woman (Lucky McKee)
4. Detention (Joseph Kahn)
5. A Lonely Place To Die (Julian Gilbey)

Best Director
Ti West (The Innkeepers)

Best Actor
Michael Smiley (Kill List)/AJ Bowen (A Horrible Way To Die)

Best Actress
Polly McIntosh (The Woman)/Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers)

Best Screenplay
Ben Wheatley (Kill List)

Best Kill
It’s hammer time… (Kill List)

Grubbiest kill
Slitting a man’s throat with the lid of a baked beans can (The Divide)

Most fun kill
The dismount (Final Destination 5)/The Woodchipper (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

Best Scare
The bride (The Innkeepers)

Best gag
Bees and chainsaws (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

The 10-years-too-late-but-still-pretty-creepy ‘found footage’ award

The 10-years-too-late-and-very-little-to-recommend-it ‘found footage’ award
A Night In The Woods

The 10-years-too-late-but-hey-it’s-got-awesome-trolls-in-it ‘found footage’ award
Troll Hunter

The five-years-too-late torture porn film award
Urban Explorers/Vile (we suggest the filmmakers pull out each others’ fingernails to find a winner)

Biggest Disappointment
The Wicker Tree

Biggest surprise

Best Question and Answer
Audience member: “The head scene was very graphic. Did you mean to leave it in?”
Ben Wheatley, director of Kill List: No. I was as surprised as you to see it in there. I thought, ‘There goes my 15…’”

Are the TF Awards on the money? Comment below...


    • badger86

      Aug 30th 2011, 13:25

      Glad to see 'The Woman' getting some well deserved TF love. I was able to view the film recently, Lucky McKee is a unique talent, 'May' was one of my favourite Horror films of the previous decade. I was equally impressed by 'The woman' it's the best examination of gender roles within a patriarchal society i have seen on screen in a long time, McKee's portrayal of women in his films is extraordinary, it's rare to see such wonderfully crafted female characters, especially in the horror genre, yet still people claim his films are misogynistic! i really don't enjoy saying this as it can only sound arrogant, but folk who make those accusations have completely missed the point. Oh and Pollyanna McIntosh deserves all the praise she has been awarded, she is a force of nature.

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    • jfield

      Aug 30th 2011, 17:17

      Broadly agree with all the above, although Rabies beats Lonely Place by sone distance, and The Woman was my 'favourite' film. In terms of awards, I would give Rabies the screenplay award, and Wheatley the director gong (his dialogue is brilliant, but his plotting is problematic). Also, it would be nice to see The Woman's Sean Bridgers get some kudos. Maybe he should get best actor and Smiley best supporting? And, yes, Badger86, anyone who mistakes The Woman's misogynist characters for the film itself endorsing this, is beyond hope...

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    • Paulbrimble

      Sep 2nd 2011, 14:19

      Innkeepers was rubbish, too slow, and it almost resemble a romantic comedy, too predictable. My top five films were Troll hunters, A lonely place to die, Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps, Priest. Kill List was over hyped and the ending come Wicker man for me was not good enough, great actors but the story line too over the top, the fact the director wouldn't answer questions about the film at Frightfest sums it up. Inbred was terrible, you could see the Royston Vasey influence. Did enjoy the woman also. overall not too bad a weekend met some great people and the people involved in all of the films were approachable and not up their own

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    • prettypink

      Sep 2nd 2011, 15:26

      Innkeepers was such a slow burner that my flame of interest nearly went out. My top marks go to the non-English speaking entries: Troll Hunter, Sennentuntschi, Saint, and especially Rabies. I agree that Kill List has been and continues to be overhyped; it will not earn ten cents in the US since the accents will be impossible to fathom. Probably my weird proclivities, but I thought Inbred was hilarious, but not as rib-tickling as Dale and Tucker vs. Evil.

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    • dumdumboy

      Sep 2nd 2011, 16:53

      So I only did a small amount of this year's Frightfest (over the years it has felt like a slow diminishing of returns). But, having said that, much fun was had at FINAL DESTINATION 5. The 3D actually worked, the deaths were nicely gruesome (especially the gymnastic scene!). DETENTION was the highlight. A genuine surprise (very Heathers, very Darko). Nicely scripted, knowingly acted and directed with some verve. And finally LONELY PLACE TO DIE. Hmm...bit disappointed actually. Started very well but slowly dissolved into a slightly underwhelming chase. Way too much talking in the second half and the whole thing opened up too much too. Is it just me or has horror hit another plateaux? Or was it always thus? The odd exception that kicks through a muddy sprawl of scare-free fare? Where's the new Wolf Creek, the new Them (Ils), the new Switchblade Romance?

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