The Hobbit Production Video #3 arrives online

Can you name all the dwarves?

Even though The Hobbit is on a shooting break at the moment, Peter Jackson isn’t taking it easy, cranking out another Production Video.

As well as giving an update on the best bits so far, this latest edition focuses on the dwarves, which is no surprise considering the influx of pictures we’ve had of the little fellas recently.

The actors talk about their roles, the make-up, the training and the language, and we get to see glimpses of the thirteen heroes in action.

And, as we’ve come to expect, a few old friends return as well. Get watching it now:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens on 14 December 2012, which just sounds like far too long away.

Enjoying Peter Jackson’s updates from the set? Let us know!


    • badger86

      Jul 21st 2011, 13:57

      Nice to see that familiar face right at the end! Over a year to go, i try not to think about it but it's so so hard.

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    • apo1978

      Jul 21st 2011, 18:16

      Awesome, the ending gave me goosebumps! :)

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 23rd 2011, 1:22

      That was way too close for my liking.

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    • willow138

      Nov 8th 2011, 0:54

      The film is going to be the best movie ever made !

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