The Iron Lady gets a full trailer

"One's life must matter..."

With Meryl Streep unveiling the official billboard poster in London yesterday, the promotional push for Maggie Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady just kicked up a gear with the arrival of a first full-length trailer.

Meryl appears suitably strident as the titular PM, whilst Jim Broadbent, Richard E Grant and Anthony Head are all on fine form as Denis Thatcher, Michael Heseltine and Geoffrey Howe respectively.

Take a look at the trailer below…

We’re not sure about the frantic editing and the decidedly bizarre use of Madness on the soundtrack, but as far as the actual footage goes, this one looks set to depict the life of one of the most dominant figures in British politics with both verve and intelligence.

The film is bound to divide audiences over its unwillingness to scrutinise the effects of some of Thatcher’s more unpopular policies, but taken as a character piece, it should please both audiences and critics alike.

The Iron Lady arrives in UK screens on 6 January 2012.

Does Meryl have Maggie down pat? Let us know what you think!


    • clearwriter

      Nov 15th 2011, 10:43

      Looks to be another puff piece, in exactly the same way as W, but with a great central performance; Streep does look incredible in this. It'll be hard to swallow for anyone who was part of the very large section of society that she tried to destroy, to stomach a film that fluffs over how bad she really was; economically, one must look at the numbers and see the damage she caused. I actually thought the use of Our House worked beautifully.

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