The Last Stand releases an action-packed new clip

Schwarzenegger doesn't believe in knocking

The Last Stand has released a new clip in which veteran action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger sprints through battered streets under a hail of gunfire from a gang corralled by the FBI's most wanted drug kingpin.

The film sees Ray Owens (Arnie), the sheriff of a small border town trying to stop the destruction brought by notorious criminal Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) as he evades the feds and heads for the Mexican border with a convoy of armed goons.

The Austrian Oak recognises his age as he smashes through a door and crashes to the ground, offering a deadpan reply when asked, "How are you, Sheriff?".

Check out his response in the new clip below:

Watch the full trailer for The Last Stand.

Directed by Kim Ji-woon, the film also stars Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Genesis Rodriguez and Jaimie Alexander. The Last Stand explodes into UK cinemas on 25 January 2013. Arnie's back!

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