The Ledge trailer edges out

“We got a jumper...”

the ledge

The first trailer for drama The Ledge has been released online.

Though it’s about a suicidal chap literally clinging on to a high ledge, this film’s not to be confused with Man On A Ledge, next year's Sam Worthington thriller about a cop who threatens to throw himself off a hotel rooftop.

For a start, The Ledge stars Brit actor Charlie Hunnam as the potential jumper. He’s Gavin, a college professor who takes to a high rise and considers taking the plunge.

Trying to find out why and stop him is Terrence Howard’s detective, who’s currently dealing with his own personal tragedy.

Check out the trailer below...

Though it looks like a pretty serviceable drama, The Ledge seems to contain yet another towering performance from Patrick Wilson as a potentially sinister holy man.

Otherwise The Ledge could be merely a pretty routine love triangle drama with the added hook of – will he or won’t he jump?

The Ledge has yet to receive a UK release date.

Edgy? Or ledgy? What do you make of the trailer? Drop your thoughts below...


    • Nashnash

      May 3rd 2011, 17:52

      Looked okay until that bit about him having to kill himself or someone else would die. If it was just some depressed guy wanting to kill himself then I could go for that but if they take away all that make it so he has to do it then it gets a bit boring.

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