The live action Akira seems dead

Anime remake grinds to a halt

Just when we thought the tidal wave of remakes couldn’t be stopped, it looks like one has shut down – Akira.

According to the lads over at Bloody Disgusting (who broke the original news about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way developing a live-action remake of the classic anime), Warner Bros’ take on Akira is “dead as a doornail”.

Not only has director Ruairi Robinson departed the project, but the film is currently shut down.

Of course, it’s a rumour, and there’s nothing to say it won’t come back again, but for now it looks like the film will be registering its address as Development Limbo.

Akira, of course, originally sprang to life as a Manga and then an animation crafted by Katsuhiro Otomo, who brought to life a 2019-era Tokyo recovering from a nuclear war.

Teen biker gang member Tetsuo is captured by the government and subjected to brain-tinkering experiments. Its up to his old chum – and bike gang leader – Kaneda to try to sort out the mess when the tampering unleashes powerful tech-psychic powers…

The studio could probably use some right now to get this one back on track.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Pleased that the remake isn’t happening yet? Or disappointed? Tell us…


    • adammiller2k

      Jun 15th 2009, 6:40

      YESSSS!!! YESSSS!!! this is the best news i've heard all day! there is no way a live action could meet the scope of the sets in that movie...cgi would look poo and there aren't kids creepy enough to fill 3 central roles. sweet, i'm so happy. now we just need to either kill, maim or have a long talking to with keanu reeves so that the live action "cowboy bebop" will be dropped as well. i reiterate....YESSSSS!!!!!!

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    • adammiller2k

      Jun 15th 2009, 6:44

      YESSSS!!!YESSSS!!!YESSSS!!! the is the best news i've heard all day. there's no way a live action movie could capture the scope of the anime (would i be right in saying they used 70mm film as the beackground were so immensly vast), plus there aren't kids creepy enough in real life to play 3 central characters. now we just need to maim, kill or have a long talking to with keanu reeves in the hope that the live action "cowboy bebop" will be axed...i live in hope. I reiterate...YESSSSS!!!!

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    • chesh

      Jun 15th 2009, 10:19

      Great. Some things should never be touched. This is one them.

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    • TheTingler

      Jun 15th 2009, 11:09

      Hooray! The best place for any remake to end up, let alone American adaptations of classic Japanese anime films! There's a special place in hell for those.

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Jun 15th 2009, 11:36

      While I was curious as to what a live-action adaptation would have been like, it most likely would have been awful. So this is good news :)

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    • ashley.russell

      Jun 15th 2009, 13:24

      the wachowski brothers will probably pick it up and do another speedracer :s

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    • NickyC

      Jun 16th 2009, 18:17

      Thanks for that image ashley.russell, I just puked in my own mouth! A bigger question is: Why are the only animation houses catering for serious (i.e. not comedy on AdultSwim) adult movie fans in Asia? Why couldn't Dreamworks next movie be for grownups only? And don't give me the expensive CG excuse, 2D ain't dead yet!

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