The Man With The X-Ray Eyes getting remade

28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will helm

One of Roger Corman’s better-known ‘60s schlock pics has been plucked from the vault for a trip through the remake machine.

The Man With The X-Ray Eyes, which Corman punched out in 1963, is getting a second chance at life in the care of 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. MGM - which owns the rights to the original - has attached him to take a new crack at it.

Eyes saw a scientist (Oscar winner Ray Miland) edging ever closer to a breakthrough in X-ray vision techniques.

But when his funding is suddenly cut, he decides to test the eye drops he’s created on himself. In true science-goes-horribly-wrong style, he soon finds he can’t control his newfound powers.

According to Variety, Fresnadillo is busy meeting with writers to start getting a new take on the script penned, but there’s no word on when the movie itself might actually start shooting.

[Source: Variety]

Should Hollywood be raiding Corman’s catalogue again? Or should his pics be left alone?


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