The Muppets finally gets a full-length trailer

"It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights…"

After three sublime spoof teasers, The Muppets has finally been given a full-length trailer.

The trio of teasers aped romcoms, The Hangover and Green Lantern, but this new trailer gives an idea of what to actually expect from the movie itself.

And it doesn't disappoint, proving that the Muppets don't need to be mocking other movies to be funny.

The classic Muppet magic is present and correct, and there's something pleasingly wholesome about the promo.

Jason Segel (who also co-wrote the script) and Amy Adams look like the perfect foil for the fuzzy felt oddities, with their innocent delivery and guileless charm.

The film sees the Muppets stage a spectacular telethon to save their theatre from Chris Cooper's no-good oil-man, and it looks like there will be plenty of knowing nods to the Muppets classic heritage...

Get watching the trailer now, and be swept up by a wave of nostalgia:

The Muppets opens on 17 February 2012 in the UK, an irritating three months after its US bow.

Has Segel nailed the tone of the new Muppets movie? Or did you prefer the spoof teasers? Do tell us below...


    • Porkchopexpress

      Jun 18th 2011, 15:47

      Now THAT'S awesome! "Do you think we should have rented a bigger car?" A bear fencing, Animal rampaging, a chef with chickens, Ralph playing the piano, trailer! :)

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    • durden

      Jun 18th 2011, 21:48

      i've never seen anyrhing related to the muppets before, so i accept the criticism if i'm wrong...but this looks awesome!!

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    • Nirvandy

      Jun 22nd 2011, 13:56

      I was really excited about this movie but, perhaps it's just me but... that trailer made it look really c**p. Didn't make me laugh at all, it kinda made me wanna punch Jason Segel. :S

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    • KingofSpain

      Jun 23rd 2011, 17:10

      Don't think I'll be watching this one, but I'll say this - don't the Muppets look really good in HD?

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