The Ring 3D on the way

Paramount plans Round 3 of the horror franchise...


If you don’t fancy a terrifying little girl crawling out of your cinema screen, then this one is probably not for you.

Five years after the release of The Ring 2 comes the news that a second sequel is in the pipeline, and surprise surprise, it will be filmed in 3D.

No stars or director are attached as yet, but a script is thought to be on the way from David Loucka, the man behind upcoming Daniel Craig flick Dream House.

Whilst the last film appeared to have closed the door on any potential Ring sequels, Paramount will be turning to that magic word “reinvention” for a handy loophole.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film will be more “teen-centric” than before, which would suggest that it might be a prequel, as most of today’s teens wouldn’t know a VHS from a toaster.

We’re just hoping that “teen-centric” doesn’t mean “daft slasher”, as then you’ve pretty much lost all semblance of why the original Japanese film was so scary.

That said, the idea of the series’ signature set-piece done in skin-crawlingly in-your-face 3D, does make us a bit giddy…This one could go either way.

Can the words “sequel” and “3D” ever be good news? Let us know.

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