The Sitter gets a new red band trailer

"You know what? I'm not a real babysitter..."

Jonah Hill’s upcoming action comedy The Sitter has received a new red band trailer, and if you’re a fan of dropping the F-bomb on whiny little kids, you’re going to love it.

Directed by Pineapple Express helmer David Gordon Green, The Sitter casts Hill as a foul-mouthed, irresponsible childminder who drags his young charges on a raucous night across the city as he tries to buy some drugs, hit a late-night party and get his end away.

Take a look at the new trailer below…

We’re cautiously optimistic that this one will recapture some of the gleeful mania of Pineapple Express and swill swerve the half-baked innuendo of Green’s recent flop, Your Highness.

Sam Rockwell already looks a decent bet to steal the show as the drug dealer with an itchy trigger finger, and since his sterling work on The Wire, we’ve always got time for a bit of Method Man.

The Sitter effs and blinds its way into UK cinemas on 20 January 2012.

Foul-mouthed fun, or lazy humour? What do you reckon?

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