The Wolverine begins filming in August

The wait is nearly over

The Wolverine, Fox's long-gestating sequel to X-Men Origins, looks to be inching ever closer to our screens with Hugh Jackman announcing that filming is set to begin on the project in August.

The star took to Twitter to answer a question from a fan, confirming, "starts shooting in August!!!" when asked for an update on the film. That's all he had to say on it detail-wise, so lets just hope that nothing else happens to postpone that schedule.

The film has been delayed by everything from directorial changes to adverse weather conditions, so it's encouraging to see things finally moving in the right direction. However, we won't be fully satisfied until those cameras actually start rolling.

Filming will be split between studio work in Sydney and on location in Japan, where the story is set. "A great number of Japanese actors will be in it and it's based on the very famous run of the comics," explained Fox CEO Tom Rothman recently. "I can tell you on behalf of [Hugh Jackman], his goal is to make the ultimate, badass, berserker-rage Wolverine."

Directed by James Mangold, from a script by Chris McQuarrie, The Wolverine is expected to open in the UK on 26 July 2013. Although "expected" is very much the operative word...

Are you excited for The Wolverine, or has the long delay sapped your interest? Tell us, below...


    • Hadouken76

      May 21st 2012, 9:08

      you spelt 'earnest' wrong.

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    • EddieFelson

      May 21st 2012, 9:14

      Please do it right, at least a 15 cert so we can actually have Wolverine hacking people to death in a "ultimate, badass, berserker-rage"

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    • EddieFelson

      May 21st 2012, 9:18

      Oh yeah and Mr Mangold could we have more 3:10 to Yuma and a lot a lot a lot less Knight and Day please

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    • Ali1748

      May 21st 2012, 11:41

      Poor Mr Mangold has a tough job trying to erase that turd Origins and compete with First Class and The Avengers.

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    • FBMBurgess

      May 21st 2012, 13:15

      Regarding the quality of a Wolverine stand alone film: "Fool me once, shame on you." Regarding filming of The Wolverine: "Fool me twice, shame on me." And regarding Hugh Jackman's promise of a 'beserker' Wolverine: "Fool me three times... f*ck you."

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    • bencobra

      May 21st 2012, 13:39

      Was there that much wrong with Origins. BTW X-Men First Class was extremely poor. Both leads were awful and are not in the same league as Stewart and McKellen. More Wolverine please and no more Oirsh Magneto.

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    • Ali1748

      May 21st 2012, 18:11

      Everything was wrong with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, plot, acting, cgi, average action scenes..........

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    • xburningdevilx

      Jul 25th 2012, 18:03

      I think we've had enough of Wolverine movies. We KNOW his story. About time the underplayed characters get a little lime-light. Hello Storm, Cyclops, Pyro, Gambit, Angel, Nightcrawler, we want to know their stories, how they 'originated,' yeah. And can we please get a bit of continuity in these movies?

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