The Woman In Black gets terrifying new trailer

Harry Potter and the soiled underpants

A new trailer for The Woman In Black has been released by CBS films, and by our reckoning it’s the scariest one yet.

Alongside a chunk of spooky new footage, we also get a bit more dialogue from Radcliffe and co-star Ciaran Hinds, fleshing out the ghoulish nature of Eel Marsh House. However, this one is all about the scares, with creepy photographs, bizarre silhouettes and a particularly unnerving rocking chair all combining to devilish effect.

Check out the new trailer below. If you dare…

We hope CBS aren’t blowing all their scariest moments in these trailers, but they’re certainly achieving the desired effect. It’s the imagery above all else that sets the nerves on edge, with every scene seemingly stuffed to the rafters with weird looking dolls and stuffed animals.

The Woman In Black arrives in UK cinemas on 10 February 2012. Be prepared to be scared out of your wits…

Will you be braving this one in the cinema, or waiting to watch from behind the sofa when it arrives on DVD?


    • Heisenberg

      Nov 23rd 2011, 16:24

      This really does look good. I still can't shift the feeling it's going be somewhat ruined by Radcliffe's wooden acting though. I really really hope he proves me wrong.

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    • FBGLove

      Nov 24th 2011, 2:24

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    • willow138

      Nov 24th 2011, 5:56

      i cant wait for this one. it looks fantastic

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