There May Be A New Speed Movie

But Is There A Need For Speed?

While there have been a few rumblings of mostly remakes in the past, rumours are rising of a possible return to the Speed films.

AICN has been sent a tip that Fox may be trying to find a way to return the Jack Traven character – as originated by Keanu Reeves in the first film – for a new outing.

A scriptment has been floating around that, while it offers little in the way of detail, might form a way for Reeves to return to one of the films that originally helped make him a star.

Speed 2

Of course, if the film even gets so far as development, it sounds like a terrible idea. Speed was a fun, action-packed diversion, but Speed 2 was a crime against cinema.

Let the franchise- such as it is, with just two films to its name – stay firmly in neutral.



    • Ray Peterson

      Dec 2nd 2008, 7:15

      Imagine the meeting where they're coming up with ideas for this: EXEC A Okay, what else goes fast that we can blow up? EXEC B Er, a SPEEDboat? EXEC A Actually we sort of did that already. EXEC B What about a racing car? EXEC A Oooh! That's good! Wait... too few people in peril. Damn - we almost had it! EXEC B Oh I got it! A train! EXEC A Yes! That's the one! Hold on, didn't they make a crappy Steven Seagal film set on a train? 'Under' something? Ah who cares? These suckers will pay to see anything. EXEC A commissions hogwash script, rewritten by seventeen different hacks until it becomes a senseless mash of ideas. EXEC A Somebody get me Renny Harlin on the phone.

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