They Live remake is sans sunglasses

Sci-fi reboot eradicating glasses approach

They Live

They Live, John Carpenter’s under-rated ‘80s sci-fi about aliens walking among us, is getting the reboot treatment. But according to producer Eric Newman, we won’t be seeing the all-important alien-spotting sunglasses in the re-do.

Currently out and about promoting his other Carpenter nod (note: not remake) The Thing, Newman revealed that they are currently exploring “different versions of what is that thing that allows you to see” the ET infiltrators.

Which is sort of like trying to remake Escape From New York without Snake's eyepatch, or Halloween without Michael’s mask.

For those who haven’t seen the original film, it follows a construction worker who discovers that aliens have taken over Los Angeles with subliminal messaging (billboards that actually read: Obey) that can only be viewed through special sunglasses. The re-do, though, looks set to scrap that idea.

“"We're discussing that,” says Newman. “I'd like to say that really, a vagrant wandering around the streets could get you to try on his sunglasses, if he would leave you alone afterwards.

“He may even pay you $100, 'Hey put these on.' So we're kind of exploring different versions of what is that thing that allows you to see. But I'm not going to tell you what it is.”

Should we expect an updated gadget that’s more in time with modern day (an iPhone app perhaps)? You bet your uncle we should.

Got any sunglasses replacement ideas? Give us a shout below...

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    • Area51

      Oct 12th 2010, 11:40

      dalidab1982 is spot on about it being a classic but what made it good also makes it look very dated now. The sunglasses thing was a little lame so they should look at other options - a good one already used was the use of Heterochromia in 28 wks later. i thought that was quite clever, if people have this like the lead, say - he/she can see the enemy

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