Third trailer for Justin Timberlake's In Time

Now featuring Olivia wilde's hot mum

A third trailer for the sci-fi action film In Time has been released online. 
In this case, less is more. The trailer shaves more than a minute from the second promo and offers a more intriguing look at a future world gone bad. 
The story, for those newbies getting their first taste of an In Time trailer, takes place in a future where people stop ageing when they reach 25 and must work to buy themselves more time. Problems arise when Will Salas (Timberlake) finds himself with more time than he can imagine and must run from the corrupt police force to save his life. 
Best bit? Look out for the first glimpse of the ubiquitous Olivia Wilde, who plays Timberlake's mum. 


In Time is released in UK cinemas on 1 November 2011.

How many trailers is too many trailers? Tell us below before the fourth In Time trailer hits the web! 


    • MattMorris

      Aug 4th 2011, 18:00

      This looks fantastic. Serious high concept sci-fi. I am moist with antici pation.

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    • clearwriter

      Aug 4th 2011, 19:05

      The perfect plot to avoid being accused of ageism in hollywood; I'll bet there ain't a normal looking face in the whole film. Cynical bull.

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    • murphy

      Aug 5th 2011, 1:48

      i'm not the biggest Timberlake fan but this actually looks pretty good,i like the concept and always hope for some decent sci-fi action,just hope it doesn't disappoint like some other recent sci-fi flicks.

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