Third trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Now with more plot and action

"To those who much is given, much is asked," says Freida Pinto in a previous trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals and she's right - three trailers in and we're still asked to wait for an out-and-out red band bloodfest. 
If the carnage isn't as high as modern fantasy fans expect, there's still plenty to enjoy as a new voiceover offers up the full plotline (as much as it is), while some extra action has been added. 
The real reason TF is excited: right now this is the closest thing to a God Of War movie. 

What's the verdict three trailers in? Has it got the attitude of 300? Or will it be more Clash Of The Titans? Feel free to shout below even though THIS ISN'T SPARTA! 


    • FBTTornari

      Aug 18th 2011, 17:20

      I can just see the executives meeting in Hollywood. "That 300 was a great success, how can we equal it? Well Frank Miller is working on a new graphic book which we own the rights too, but its a prequel to 300. Audiences love a prequel nowadays. The only problem is he's taken ages to complete it, we need something now whilst the buzz over 300 is still live. Ok, lets do something in Ancient Greece. We've done Clash of the Titans and that has a sequel coming out. What else can we do. It has to be EPIC, with lots of stylised battles and stuff. How about the Odyssey? Nah, boring, the only good bit is with that one-eyed cyclops, and he just gets away with sticking a spear in his eye. WE WANT ACTION! Wasn't there a war between the Gods & the Titans? There you go, that's a good start for the story, just think of the ACTION!!! We can do all the slow-mo fighting scenes, have bare-chested action warriors fighting TITANS! It can be like Clash of the Titans meets 300!!! EXCELLENT!!!!! What hero can we use? Perseus was in Clash of the Titans so we can't use him Who else is there? How about Theseus? There hasn't been a movie about him like ever... No, hang on, wasn't he the dude who killed the Minotaur? Yes, we can have a bull-headed Titan who he can slaughter in an amazing one-on-one battle with slow-mo camera effects and comic-book visuals, it will be AMAZING, it will be like 300. Yes, we can put the logo for 300 in the trailer, everyone will think its better than that. They can wear Gold armour this time, they are after all GODS!!! And they will be fighting TITANS, and they will CLASH and it will look like 300 IT WILL BE A HIT !!!!!

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