Thor 2 will be scripted by Don Payne

He also wrote My Super Ex-Girlfriend…


Production onThor 2 is pushing ahead after the announcement of its 2013 release date – the godly sequel has just landed a writer in the form of Don Payne.

Payne has worked on a Marvel property before, having been part of a conclave of writers on Fantastic Four sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

He was also responsible for the not-so-super, horribly unfunny Uma Thurman ‘comedy’ My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Hopefully he’s learnt from the mistakes of those earlier wash-outs and will be able to deliver a decent follow-up to this year’s surprisingly solid Thor.

The next announcement for Thor 2 should be a list of contenders for the director’s chair – Kenneth Branagh, who helmed the first film, won’t be returning for the sequel.

Let the Darren Aronofsky rumours commence…

Thor 2 opens 26 July 2013.

Who do you fancy for Thor 2's directing chair? Drop your suggestions below...


    • Zardoz7

      Jul 4th 2011, 8:21

      You neglected to mention he was also a credited screenwriter on THOR.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 4th 2011, 10:54

      worse luck, the director will probably end up being Brett Ruinator or Len (notso)Wiseman

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 4th 2011, 19:14


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    • MikeyRix

      Jul 4th 2011, 21:11

      *folds arms on table and rests head on folded arms, sense of dread growing*

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    • ashleyrhys

      Jul 7th 2011, 15:07

      So two abysmal films and they hire him? Why isn't Branagh returning? Such a shame. I don't think anyone else will be able to do it as well as he did.

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