Thor and Jane are reunited in new clip from Thor: The Dark World: watch now

"You said you were coming back!"

Thor: The Dark World has released another new clip online, in which Thor and Jane are reunited for the first time since the first film.

However, it's not the smoothest of reconciliations, with Jane understandably upset over the Thunder God's disappearance during the interim.

However, as fans of The Avengers will testify, Thor has been busy. And when you've not one world to rescue but several, romance can tend to get shunted to the sidelines…

Take a look at the new clip, below…

Looks like they're still pretty into each other to us. If only there weren't a marauding army of Dark Elves for Thor to sort out… they might be able to go on a date!

Directed by Alan Taylor and co-starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World will open in the UK on 30 October 2013.

What do you think of the new clip? Tell us, below!


    • stephenmumford

      Oct 18th 2013, 15:41

      So glad Darcy (Kat Dennings) is in this one, fantastic comic relief and a stunning woman!

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 18th 2013, 16:07

      Amen to that brother. Miss Dennings is definitely worthy of a Schwing!

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