Thor: The Dark World set to explore all Nine Realms?

There’s life beyond Asgard

Having laid the groundwork and told the back story of its weird and wonderful characters in Phase One, Marvel is set to broaden its horizons in Phase Two, by exploring the outer limits of the comic-book universe.

Having already teased at a more cosmic approach with the brief introduction of Thanos, and withGuardians Of The Galaxy set to play out its intergalactic adventures in 2014, Thor: The Dark World looks set to follow suit by exploring the rest of the Nine Realms.

"The film promises to cover not just the Earth and Asgard," reports Russian site Kinopoisk, "but the entire Nine Realms. The studio hopes that Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor has the experience to build upon the fantasy of the series.”

Those Nine Realms would be the other parts of the universe alluded to in the first movie, including Jotunheim, Svartalheim, Alfeim, Hel, Muspelheim, Nidavellir and Vanaheim. Plus Asgard and Earth, obviously.

It sounds like quite a lot to take on, although Taylor will probably cherry-pick a few from that list and leave the rest to a future instalment. Still, the increased scope is intriguing. Looks like we can expect plenty of new faces when the film opens on 8 November 2013.

What would you like to see from the sequel? Tell us, below!


    • Monkeynuts30

      Sep 28th 2012, 12:06

      If things are going the way they seem with Dark World, my money's on Alfheim and Svartalheim getting the attention. Muspelheim means bringing in Surtr and he deserves a film of his own

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    • FBJRider

      Sep 30th 2012, 0:50

      Well Jotunheim was explored a little bit in the first film, I don't think they need to go there again. The Dark World I'm guessing means either Svartalfheim, Hel or Muspelheim. As stated before you can't have Muspelheim without Surtr having other worlds in the same film means Surtr not getting enough screen time. Svartalfheim would be interesting along with Alfheim, they could have a big battle sequence between the dark and light elves with Thor right in the middle. Hel's kind of needs to be done on it's own much like Muspelheim. It'd be interesting if they included Nidavellir at some point to explore the origins of Mjolnir.

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